Telestream Vantage Integration

This app will allow Telestream Vantage to be used as a transcoder in Portal, as a complement to, or possibly as a replacement for, the Vidispine transcoder.



This guide requires:

  • Telestream Vantage 6.x

  • Telestream Vantage 7.x

Configuring the integration

First, configure a workflow in Vantage and save it. Note the name of the workflow and of the result, i.e. the output nickname. Typically a “Watch” monitor action using a storage location shared between Vantage and Vidispine will be used as the first action in the workflow chain, and the final action will write the output file to the shared storage location. Please refer to the Vantage transcoder documentation on information how to do this.


Next, add a new transcode profile in Portal and select Vantage as the transcoder to use. Set the IP address and port number, and the previously configured workflow and all the available nicknames should appear in the dropdown.

Required settings

A storage that is shared between Vantage and Vidispine is required, and the material to transcode must be available on said storage. An appropriate storage mapping must also be configured.

When using a mounted storage between Vidispine and Vantage that requires authentication, the user must be authenticated in Vantage. You can authenticate the user by opening the program “Vantage Management Console” on the Vantage server. Navigate to the tab “Settings & Options” —> “Authorization”. Add the user that can access the share and specify the mount point in format “\servershare”. Then you need to restart the Vantage machine.

Reporting errors

If you encounter an error you cannot fix yourself, please feel free to contact Cantemo Support. In order to assist you more quickly, please include an error report using the “Report Error” tool available via the Admin menu in Portal.