Search for content on the system is one of the quickest ways of finding content based upon the metadata added saved with the items in Portal. Please see the metadata section for more details.

Portal will show results of all the items that you have permission to access, whether they are read-only or read-and-write permissions. All items you have permission to view will be displayed when search result is returned from backend.


The simple search page where you can quickly make free text searches in the system.

We provide multiple methods of searching from basic search to advanced searches based upon the metadata that your Portal system is setup to use.

Search results pods

From within the search results each pod shows a different media item with some basic information about that media item. If you place your mouse cursor over the image, video results with multiple thumbnails can be scrubbed.

Clicking on the link or the picture preview will result in being taken to the Media Item page.

Clicking on the Pod will select or deselect it from which you can choose to perform functions such as adding to a collection or deleting.

Information in the Pod can be changed with an optional Portal App.

Search result Filters


Filter down rour search result.

Sort order

Change the order of the results based on the searchable metadata fields in the system. You can select which fields appear here in your user settings.

You can filter by:

Media Type

The type of the media in the system, such as video, audio and images.


The typ of asset, Items, Subclips or Collections.


If assets are archived or online.


By Owner

Created Date

By date range, based on the creation date of the item in Portal.

No results

If you don’t get any results try changing your search query to something less unique or use the Last 10 function to get a range of material that you can view that has recently been ingested.

Differing results

As the search results that you get are based upon what rights you have to the items contained within Portal you might get different search results from users that have different rights or are in different groups than yourself.