Logging in and out of Cantemo



The login page.

Once an administrator has set you up with an account on the system, you should be able to login in with those credentials, opening a web browser and opening Cantemo with the address supplied to you.

Enter your username and password in the boxes provided, and if the translation pack is available you can change the language and internationalization to your preference. The internationalization will also change the date, time and other formats to the locale that you choose. Please note that the internationalization package is not part of the basic Cantemo setup, and may not be available in your specific installation.

Upon logging in you are redirected to the default start page as is setup in your user settings. You can change this at any time, though the system administrator will provide a default for the first time you login.

A typical default is the search screen.


The simple search page. From here you can easily access the available features in the system.


To logout of your session with Cantemo, click the Log out link, and this will redirect you to the login screen again. You have been safely logged out.