class portal.vidispine.isearch.SearchAutoCompleteHelper(searchquery=None, user=None, runas=None, *args, **kwargs)

Helper class for search autocomplete

class portal.vidispine.isearch.SearchHelper(searchquery=None, searchmetadata=None, searchwithinlibrary=False, daterange=None, sortlist=None, user=None, runas=None, searchdomain='item', qdr=None, searchcriteria=None, *args, **kwargs)

This is a search helper class that will be utilised by the plugin architecture. It returns a usable dict of search results.

doCombinedSearch(isdoc, query=None, matrix=None, merged=True, *args)

Gets all the subclips from a collection. This will include both items and collections.

  • collection_id: The collection id to get.

  • query: Additional query to be sent through the API call

  • matrix: Additional matrix arguments

  • merged: Should items and collections be returned separately

  • VSCollection object.

search(_content=None, queryamount=100, page=0, onlylibraryid=False, updateMode=None, updateFrequency=None, autoRefresh=False, maximumSuggestions=0, cache_key=None, includeDeleted=False)

Performs the search. Optionally takes a dictionary of fields needed. queryamount shows how many results to pull back, with an offset if needed.

portal.vidispine.isearch.getMetadataFromRequestRecursion(user, query_dict, metadatagroup_name, batchupdate_metadata=False, for_elastic=False, singleton_fields=None, previous_object=None)

Given a request, and a metadata group name, all fields in the metadata group will be fetched and mapped to the fields given in the request and its values. If the batchupdate_metadata is set to True, the all fields in which the belonging checkbox is checked will be included

portal.vidispine.isearch.getSingletonFromPreviousObjectOrMetadataGroup(prev_obj, mfn, is_sub_group=False)

Get the singleton field instance from previous object

  • prev_obj – Old metadata

  • mfn – ID of singleton field (portal_mf123456)

  • is_sub_group – True if prev_obj represents a subgroup (recursive calls)


dict Key is the name of the singleton field and the value is the old value of the singleton field