Audit Logs

Interface for Audit Logs

This API is for working with audits in Vidispine.

class portal.vidispine.iauditlog.AuditLogHelper(user=None, runas=None, *args, **kwargs)

Helper for using the VS log utility.


Gets log content from Vidispine.

These keys can be included in query:

  • path = The URI path to filter on. Defaults to “/”.

  • rows = The maximum number of rows to retrieve, must be in the range [1, 100]

  • start = An ISO-8601 compatible timestamp that all log entries must have occurred before. Defaults to the current time.

  • username = Filters according to a username, defaults to any user.

  • method = Filters according to HTTP method, e.g. GET, PUT, POST and DELETE. Defaults to any method.

  • performCount = If set to true, the total number of applicable log entries will be retrieved. Defaults to false.


query (dict) – Queries to filter the log. A dict which will become the query parameters