Javascript PubSub

Built into Portal is a pubsub system for publishing to a channel and subscribing to a channel. The handle is a function that will be called if an event is published. It will receive the list of arguments from the publish statement:

$.subscribe("/some/topic", handle1);
$.subscribe("/some/topic", handle2);

$.publish("/some/topic", ["a","b","c"]);

$.unsubscribe("/some/topic", handle1);


As you can see from the above example, you can subscribe multiple subscribers to the same topic, have a publisher post an event on the channel of a list. You can also unsubscribe and list the subscribers.

Existing channels

Some existing channels are already set up.






Raised whenever the UI is doing a delete operation on an item.


Raised when the MediaBin is ready and loaded


Raised when items are finished adding things to the MediaBin