Every user of the system should have their own unique user record either stored within Cantemo or from integration to third party systems.

Users can be organized together into Groups, and one User can belong to multiple groups to ease administration of rights and control.

Listing users


Overview of all registered users in the system.

From the admin menu click on “Users” and you will have a list of all the enabled users in the system. This is paginated, and the length of the list is controlled by your settings.

You can view all the disabled (deleted) users by clicking on the button to view them.

User attributes


Attributes for a specific user.

Last login

Date that the system recorded that the user last logged in.

Date joined

When the user record was created in the system. If you are using an external system this will probably get set at the point the user gets authenticated against that system.

First name

The user’s first name

Last name

The user’s last name

Email address

An email address for the user.


The group(s) a user is a member of.

Default group

The default values of the settings will be fetched from this group unless user overrides those. Examples are metadata groups.

Default ingest profile

When a user ingests content into the system, which group, if they are a member of more than one group, will be used to configure access rights, transcode profiles and other settings.

Default Collection profile

If you quick-add a Collection the new Collection will get the Access Rights according to the setting for this group.

Default metadata group for items:

The default metadata group for Items created by this user.

Default metadata group for collections:

The default metadata group for Collections created by this user.

Default metadata group for subclips:

The default metadata group for Subclips created by this user.


Which page the user will be redirected to upon successful login to the system. This list can be altered in portal.conf.


Chooses which theme this user will have when using the site. The users can choose their own themes unless this is turned off in portal.conf or you do not have the theming package installed.

Contact number

Field to be used for a telephone number or similar.

Search results per page

Number of search results and results of lists that a user can view on one page before pagination occurs. The user can alter this themselves from their settings menu.


Use this to store notes on a user.

Adding users


Add a new user to the system.

In the user listings click the button “Add”, and you will be presented with a form to enter the user with the attributes above. Required information is marked with an asterisk.

Editing and deleting users

From the listings page click on the user that you wish to edit. You will be taken to the edit form, which is similar to the add user form. Make the changes that you wish for the user and click “Save”. If you want to add another click “Save and continue”.

If you wish to delete one or more users, you can do some from the user listings page by choosing the user(s) and then clicking “Delete”. You will be asked to confirm before the actual deletion takes place.


Users are not actually purged from the system but are disabled so that records of entities created, updated or deleted by that user within the system do not become orphaned.

Changing Password

To change the user’s password for those users that are not kept in an external directory system, change them by going to Users in the admin section, choosing the user and clicking on “change user password”. You will be asked to enter the password and to repeat the entry.

Changing the Admin password

  • Change the password in the www interface

  • Restart Cantemo, See Running Cantemo.

  • Log out and login again in the www interface


Please do not delete the main admin users