Metadata Groups

Metadata Groups, are the forms used for entering, and displaying metadata against objects in the system. Every Cantemo system can contain one or more metadata groups, and these can be associated to collections and items within the system. This is covered from a user perspective in the Cantemo User’s documentation. It can be referred to as Metadata Schema in some screens.

Using Metadata Groups

Metadata groups are setup using the metadata editor by users with administration privileges, and care should be taken when editing the metadata groups on live production systems to ensure no data is lost.

Metadata groups are made up fields or other metadata groups.

Each of these subgroups or fields can be associated to access control lists to control who can edit, add or remove records or information.

Creating Metadata groups

From the administration menu click on “Metadata Management”, this will launch the metadata editor in a new window.

Using Metadata groups

Once a metadata-group has been created, go into the group administration pages and apply that metadata-group to a user-group. The users in this group will then have access to be able to use that metadata-group for applying metadata to collections and items in the system.