Comments allow users to make comments that are not metadata against items and subclips contained within the system.

A comment is stored in the system along with the user that has posted the comment, a timestamp when the comment was posted, a timestamp when the comment was modified or deleted. It is also stored with a reference to a parent comment if there is one - allowing for threaded comments.

If you are using the sharing functionality comments can also be entered by the share recipient, using that share recipients email address in place of the Cantemo user’s first name and last name. Comments can be turned off for sharing from the Manage > Sharing overview screen. Administrators can also make comments non-public so only registered users can see them.

Comment Administration

Comments can be administered from the usual Admin section by administrators. When going to this screen you will see an overview of the comments that have be entered in the system.

This overview has filters at the top so that you can narrow what you see on the list by date, whether it is public or not and whether it is removed from view.

The table shows the following attributes of a comment:

  • User - The Cantemo user that has added the comment. If None then this was from a share.

  • Email - Used if the comment was added from a shared our media.

  • Asset Type - The actual type of content.

  • Asset ID - The ID of the asset.

  • IP Address - The IP Address that the person commenting came from.

  • Created date - Date the comment was entered.

  • Public - whether the comment can be seen with shared out media.

  • Removed - whether the comment has been hidden from view.

The following actions can be performed on one or more shares.

  • Make selected removed from view - Hides the comment(s), use this instead of delete.

  • Make selected shown - changes hidden comments to be visible again.

  • Make only visible to registered users - Changes from Public to Non-Public.

  • Make selected to anyone - Changes any Non-Public shares to Public.

Clicking on the user of a share will take you though to the editing page for a share. Some properties of the share are read-only such as the created date and the IP Address. You can also delete from this page, but it is recommended to change the comment to hidden from the overview page.

Please note that it is advisable to hide comments from view rather than deleting them from the system. If you need to delete them from the database manually please ensure that any child comments are also removed.

Comment Usage

Please refer to the user manual for more information on using the comments.