Archiware P5 Integration

This app will allow Archiware’s P5 archiving solution to be used as a deep archive storage in Portal.


This guide requires:

  • Archiware P5 with the “archive” module active

  • Archiware P5’s command-line tool “nsdchat” installed on the Portal server

Required settings in Archiware P5

The Archiware P5 system must be configured to have read and write access to all Portal Storages where Original shapes are stored. This can be done for example with a SAMBA (CIFS) mount.

Configuring the integration

Go to the ‘Archiware P5’ configuration panel in the Admin section. Configuration is done by entering

  • the path at which the command-line tool ‘nsdchat’ is located,

  • the host and NSDChat-port of the archiware server

  • Username of an archiware user allowed to archive data

  • Password of the user allowed to archive data

Archiware can optionally archive several files as part of one “job”. This minimizes tape mount, spool and park times. Portal allows its administrators to set triggers on how long the system should wait before starting such a “combined” job.

  • Item: At what number of items in the queue should a combined job be started. (Setting this to 1 means all files are immediately processed as separate archive-jobs)

  • Interval: After how many minutes should a combined job be started.

  • Time of Day: At what time of day should a combined job be started.

All of these triggers act independently of each other. As soon as one condition is triggered the entire queue is submitted as a single job.

Finally, you also have to configure the paths at which the Archiware server has mounted the Portal storages.