Access Control List

Each item has by default an access control list (ACL) associated with it. The original ingestor or creator the item will have the “owner’s rights” (in other words, all read-and-write access). If you want access to an item that has an ACL restricting you from reading or writing to the item, someone with sufficient privileges can add and remove ACLs.

ACL rights given directly on Item

If a user has the privelege to grant access to the Item page it can be done through the Change Access Right.


ACL rights given through groups

Each group is configured with a set of Permission. ACLs are created according to that when a user creates an asset with that groups Ingest Profile.


ACL rights given though Collections

If you change ACLs on a Collection all items in that COllection will be given ACLs according to this.


ACL rights given through Rules Engine

If you configure Rules Engine to grant access this will be done the same way as someone adding it manually on the Item page.



If you share a Saved search with another user or group, that group will only grant access to the saved search. No extra access to Items is given, therefore user can see different things for the same saved search.