The settings page allows you to change the way Portal operates to suite you and your needs.

Results per page
Change the number of results that you see when doing searches, and using collections of items.
Contact Number
A phone number that you can be reached on if there is a problem.
This allows you to change the theme of the site. The themes can have different functionality, design, and offer a different environment to work in.


This can be disabled by an administrator

The page the you are redirected to after logging in to the system. The choices are set up by the system administrator and you can choose from those items in the list.
Default Metadata Group
The default metadata group (schema) for your user. This metadata schema is rendered by default when ingesting and creating collections, but can be modified in the Advanced section.
Default search results type
The default search result view is used whenever you do a new search session. If you are searching and you change it during searching then it will start using that view until you change it again. This is not used for the last 10 search results which is always the grid view.
Default Sortlist
The metadata fields that are used to sort your items upon search.
Your first name.
Your last name.

This field allows you to update your password in the system. If left blank when you are updating your settings then it won’t update your password.

Please fill in the password confirmation field with the same password. Upon clicking submit your password will change.

Optional field showing which organization you are registered to.
Shows the groups that you as a user are in. To change please contact your Administrator as only administrators can change the groups you are a member of.
This is an optional add-on. If enabled it allows you to enter the language of your choice, and will also change the formatting of dates, numbers and other details to that of your language and regional preference.

For instance when it is enabled you can change between British and American English, and English will be used as the language but the formatting of dates will change to meet the normal preference of the country.

Metadata Settings

With this section you can configure default metadata groups for Items, Collections and Subclips.


User jobs

With this section you can see and overview of the jobs that you have ongoing and completed. This page updates as jobs are progressing.

Jobs ID
The System ID of the job. Useful to give to administrators if there is a problem with a job and you want them to investigate it.
The type of the job
Current status of the job.
Current username.
Time and date of when the job started.
System priority for the job.

You can filter on the status and the type of the job to narrow down your search.