Transfer Settings

The default transfer settings are configure per system. That can be overridden on the group level.


The General transfer settings looks like this

Bandwidth limitation

Limit the maximum bandwidth transferring files to Portal from the Agent

Max amount of transfers in parallel

Maximum amount of concurrent transfers

Default Upload storage

Where should files be uploaded as default

Storage Mappings


Create the storage mappings for both Mac and Windows mountpoints.

Proxy Workflow


The settings for shapes used in Proxy workflow.

Enable Proxy Workflow

Enable or Disable Proxy workflow in clients

Video shape for original (hi-res)

This defines the highres shape used in the proxy workflow. Normally this is the original, but could be any shape format used in conforms.

Video shape for proxy

This defines whcih shape should be used for Proxy in the NLEs. This can be lowres but any mezzanine format could be used.


All NLE APIs use the Video shape for original setting when returning original shape.