Windows Agent Debugging


Windows Agent only supports Windows 10 and later.

Log files

Cantemo Agent sends log files to the a file. Use a program appropriate for reading log files.

Configuration files

The main configuration for the program is stored in a secure store, but it shares the watch folder location with the panel under:


Installation problems

The Cantemo Windows agent is installed per user.

Program installs and doesn’t start up automatically

  • Check that it’s installed correctly.

  • Check the Event Viewer for logs.

The program does not install

Try an run the MSI installer using msiexec:

msiexec /i CantemoPanel.msi /l*v logfile.txt

Verification error

Metadataform raises csrftoken verification error

  • This error raises when the browser in the agent (Internet Explorer) could not read the csrftoken cookie.

  • Make sure the settings for Internet Explorer allows cookie.

  • You also have to run the “Set up Internet Explorer Wizard” and chosen the “Use recommended security, privacy and compatibility settings” option.


Uninstalling Cantemo Agent

Use the standard Windows Add & Remove Programs functionality.