Requirements overview

Cantemo comes bundled with a pre-compiled Python 3.11 which is installed under /opt/cantemo/python

OS requirements

Cantemo currently supports the following OS :

  • Red Hat 8.3 64-bit or later 8.x version

  • Rocky Linux 8.5 64-bit or later 8.x version

Red Hat 9.x and Rocky Linux 9.x are supported for development and testing but not production use.

Red Hat 7.7 and CentOS 7.7 are supported for temporary upgrade scenarios, but not production use.


Cantemo is flexible in that its main requirements closely match the requirements of most modern operating systems, therefore allowing for a wide range of hardware that it could potentially be hosted on. As it is a web service it benefits from the same kind of hardware that web services run well on, namely memory and I/O.

It is difficult to specify exactly what hardware will be sufficient, but sizing will depend on especially the following parameters:

  • Concurrent users

  • Amount of transcoding peak time

  • Activity of users (amount and complexity of searches)

Please consider the following when building a Cantemo server.


Please talk to your local vendor when designing CPU.

Compare CPU’s performance here:


Always separate Mediafiles from the SQL-database and logs. Media transfers may “starve” your SQL-database. Use SSD disks in a RAID1 mirror for your SQL-database if you have more than 250.000 items.

Never put your SQL-database or your searchindex on a SAN. Never put your SQL-database or your searchindex on the same underlying spindles as your hires or lowres media.


32 GB is minimum for production environments, but developemnt and demo systems may run at only 16 GB RAM. We recommend 32-64 GB of RAM for small systems, depending on amount of items and size of metadata schemas.

Graphics card:

The transcoder can make use of a graphics card to accelerate RED transcoding. This is required for production deployments because of performance, but for Demo and PoC installations it is possible to run in software only mode.

The requirements for the graphics card are as follows:

  • Graphics card with OpenCL 1.1 support in Linux 64-bit

  • >= 768 MB of RAM (recommended 2-4 GB or more)

An example of a low-end card which is supported is NVIDIA GTX 660.

The following application can be used to check the graphics card compatibility:

Cloud support

Cantemo has no restrictions on being deployed on a true cloud environment such as Amazon EC2, Google Cloud or Rackspace Cloud. The I/O requirements for Media Asset Management solutions can be heavy so please keep that in mind when choosing an environment, and that we expect a unmodified kernel.

VPS hosts typically run modified kernels which can further impact performance, or even the abilities of the system.

Filesystem Compatibility

Cantemo does not need any specific filesystem and is compatible with any filesystem that can be mounted on the server. However we would like to outline some features and limitations on common used filesystems.

Database Requirements

Cantemo requires Postgresql Version 14 or greater. The default installer comes bundled with Postgresql 14.8.