Background Tasks

To help monitoring the system we have enabled Flower as bart of the Background Tasks monitoring, that monitors all Celery tasks in the system.


More information about how Flower works can be found at

Celery workers

Below follows a description of the different queues and what they are used for within Portal.


This worker is used by the Archive Frameowrk for the long time operations, like Archiving and Restore.


This worked is used by the Archive Frameowkr for the shorter operations, like status check and delete.


This is the default worker for example Users, Transfers, Metadata and Comments.


This worker is only used for Active Directory integration.


This worker is used when Portal reindex is in progress.


This worker is where Vidispine notifications are sent.


This worker is used when Rules Engine updates metadata that it has processed and item.


This worker is used by Rules Engine when polling on Item and Shapes.